Finding my research questions

Hello readers,

If you’ve been reading my last three or four posts, you’ll know I’ve been slightly changing research topics in the hopes of ascertaining (nice word, huh?) a solid foundation for a literature review, which is robust enough to generate research questions. I have good news for the eager reader; I have come up with research questions. The literature review that led to these questions needs some more work, however, as I attempt to edit it to express my ideas more clearly. However, the research questions and corresponding hypotheses are of a good quality. The entire document of my new lit review draft can be found at this link:

Now I will describe my latest week of research. I spent approximately 4 hours trying to do video thin slicing, which is important because the way our lab doe rapport ratings on videos is by slicing the video files into 30 second segments, then randomizing these segments and presenting them out of order to a rapport rater. It is important the videos be out of order because that prevents a rapport rater from subliminally assuming an automatic increase in rapport as time goes on, rather than solely rating the most immediate rapport that can be inferred. Anyway, to do this, a python script was used, that contained a loop that iterated through the file names of videos in a folder. The purpose of this script was to generate another script that is a batch file, that actually does the thin slicing. I still need to install a program called ffmpeg before running the actual batch file, which will use this program (ffmpeg). Luckily, it’s a free program! What I found most difficult about this was trying to install ffmpeg. This became tricky because the installation file was in a folder that was zipped multiple times. Surprisingly, understanding the python script was not difficult, especially because I’ve taken a course in C programming (although admittedly, python is a much higher level language). I understood the syntax and function definitions of the python script relatively well (relative, say, to the nonexistent installation instructions for ffmpeg).

Aside from this, I spent an hour meeting with my research mentor who helped me very much in crafting research questions. Fortunately for me, I now feel these research questions have been solidified and are very very close to being finalized, thanks to my mentor’s help.  Again, the link to my latest lit review is in the first paragraph of this post.


Alvaro Granados


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