Woah, We’re Halfway There: More Research and Writing

My past week has been spent between writing a second draft of my literature review and also meeting with my research mentor. First, I’ll describe my meeting because it gives some clues as to the direction of this project. During my meeting my mentor and I (and the other CREU student) discussed what information we most need from the newly collected experimental data (Called WoZ 2017 data) and how we should process the data. The processing of the data is somewhat confusing because we have to program a computer to segment hours of videos into short duration slices, with each about 30 seconds long. These slices will then be rated by my partner and I for rapport (using a 1 to 7 Likert scale) and we will test also our inter-rater agreement. This will culminate with our ability to use this rapport-rated data to test our hypotheses.

That being said, I will now digress to my new literature review draft and new hypotheses.  Last week my goal was to connect the varaibles self disclosure, on task behavior, and rapport, which you readers have heard about now a few times. Well, I hope I have done that in the last paragraph of this new literature review draft. While it may be ineffective for me to try to measure the self efficacy of a student, our data contains information on the number of attempts a student has used to answer a question and the duration of time between these attempts, which can all be used as a measure of on task behavior. My new hypotheses try to connect self disclosure, which is essential for the production of productive learning interactions between a tutor and tutee, to the amount of on task behavior. If my hypotheses are not rejected, it would help clarify some details on yet more aspects of rapport than motivate on task behavior.

This is my new literature review: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ypu3P7QgnOxn6P_q37cJcPHVgqnEHaTNKCxgOSx-0I4/edit?usp=sharing

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