Patience is a virtue: Re-reworking my literature review

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The process to creating a good literature review is iterative. We write a review of prior research in order to find gaps in the field, then we may find we need some more literature to link our ideas more clearly, or we may find we need to change our research direction slightly. To that end, I changed my research direction (slightly) that was originally about anxiety during tutoring and now will investigate self disclosure and its effects on self efficacy. Though I’m changing directions, my research is moving forward because my research on anxiety inspired me to choose my new direction.

To summarize last week’s efforts:

  • Changed research direction, re-wrote literature review to make a second rough draft, and did relevant research
  • Reviewed more videos to remind myself of what kinds of behaviors we observed (to keep my questions well informed by our data)
  • Tried (and failed) to fix bug on our data collecting computer (Windows OS on Mac hardware). The bug had resulted in severely diminished frame rates for the videos we recorded. We may get new software for our future data collection.
  • Met with research mentor to discuss why my literature review rough draft (second attempt, after changing my research direction) contains ideas that are poorly connected, and why my research gap that I identified was really a menagerie of many, many smaller research gaps (and poorly organized in paragraph form).

Due to the fact my most recent draft of my literature review is not focused (its ideas are not well connected) enough for me to consider it worthy of posting here, I will instead summarize it briefly and post the fixed version next week (this is just a “quick” summary!!!). The summary is at this link:




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